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#TDL Meta-Model (Merged)
* All elements shall contain a name
* names shown as default in Papyrus may be misleading)
## Updating and merging
* Delete `tdl.uml` (and `org.etsi.mts.tdl`)
* Copy `tdl_metamodel.uml` to `tdl.uml`
* Open `tdl.uml` with the UML Editor
* Select the root package (TDL)
* Select the Merge command from the menu (UML Editor -> Package -> Merge)
* Use the default properties in the dialog
* Open `tdl.genmodel`
* Select Reload in the menu (Generator -> Reload...)
## Generating
* Open `tdl.genmodel`
* Select `Tdl` package from the root
* In the properties view set `Prefix` to `tdl` and `Base Package` to `org.etsi.mts`
* Save
* Right-click on the `tdl` package and select Generate Model Code
## Exporting XMI schema
* Right-click on the `tdl.genmodel` and select Export Model...
* Select "XML Schema for XMI" in the dialog, press "Next" two times
* Select both packages (`tdl` and `types`) and press "Finish"
* The TDL schema is generated in the `tdlXMI.xsd` file
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