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Issues in TS 103 673 Clause

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......@@ -15,20 +15,18 @@
<> rdf:type owl:Ontology ;
dct:modified "2020-05-25"^^xsd:date ;
dct:title "SAREF4INMA: an extension of SAREF for the industry and manufacturing domain"^^xsd:string ;
dct:title "SAREF4INMA: an extension of SAREF for the industry and manufacturing domain"@en ;
dct:issued "2019-04-30"^^xsd:date ;
vann:preferredNamespacePrefix "s4inma" ;
vann:preferredNamespaceUri ""^^xsd:anyURI ;
dct:publisher <> ;
dct:creator <> ;
dct:publisher <> ;
dct:contributor "Matthijs Punter, TNO"^^xsd:string ;
dct:creator <> ;
dct:source <> ;
dct:publisher <> ;
dct:description "SAREF4INMA is an extension of SAREF for the industry and manufacturing domain. SAREF4INMA focuses on extending SAREF for the industry and manufacturing domain to solve the lack of interoperability between various types of production equipment that produce items in a factory and, once outside the factory, between different organizations in the value chain to uniquely track back the produced items to the corresponding production equipment, batches, material and precise time in which they were manufactured. SAREF4INMA is specified and published by ETSI in the TS 103 410-5 associated to this ontology file. SAREF4INMA was created to be aligned with related initiatives in the smart industry and manufacturing domain in terms of modelling and standardization, such as the Reference Architecture Model for Industry 4.0 (RAMI), which combines several standards used by the various national initiatives in Europe that support digitalization in manufacturing. The full list of use cases, standards and requirements that guided the creation of SAREF4INMA are described in the associated ETSI TR 103 507. "^^xsd:string ;
dct:creator <> ;
dct:license <> ;
dct:license <> ;
dct:contributor <> ;
dct:creator "Alba Fernandez Izquierdo, UPM"^^xsd:string ;
dct:created "2015-03-29"^^xsd:date ;
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