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SAREF4INMA is an OWL-DL ontology that extends SAREF with 24 classes (in addition to a number of classes directly reused from the SAREF ontology and the SAREF4BLDG extension), 20 object properties (in addition to a number of object properties reused from the SAREF ontology and the SAREF4BLDG extension) and 11 data type properties. SAREF4INMA focuses on extending SAREF for the industry and manufacturing domain to solve the lack of interoperability between various types of production equipment that produce items in a factory and, once outside the factory, between different organizations in the value chain to uniquely track back the produced items to the corresponding production equipment, batches, material and precise time in which they were manufactured.
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The editors would like to thank the ETSI SmartM2M technical committee for providing guidance and expertise.
Also, many thanks to the ETSI staff and all other current and former active Participants of the ETSI SmartM2M group for their support, technical input and suggestions that led to improvements to this ontology.
Also, special thanks goes to the ETSI SmartM2M Technical Officer Guillemin Patrick for his help.
- [Maria Poveda-Villalon]( ([Universidad Politécnica de Madrid](
- Matthijs Punter ([TNO](
- [Laura Daniele]( ([TNO](
- Alba Fernandez Izquierdo ([Universidad Politécnica de Madrid](
- [Raúl Garcia-Castro]( ([Universidad Politécnica de Madrid](
- [Mike de Roode]( ([TNO](
<h3>General Overview</h3>
<p><a href="#Figure_1">Figure 1</a> shows an overview of the main classes of SAREF4INMA and their relationships.<p>
<img src="diagrams/saref4inmaOverview.png" alt="SAREF4INMA Overview"/>
<figcaption id="Figure_1">Figure 1: Overview of the SAREF4INMA ontology</figcaption>
<h3>Normative references</h3>
<li id="[1]">[1] ETSI TS 103 264 (V3.1.1) (02-2020): "SmartM2M; Smart Applications; Reference Ontology and oneM2M Mapping".</li>
<h3>Informative references</h3>
<li id="[i.1]">[i.1] ETSI TR 103 411 (V1.1.1) (02-2017): "SmartM2M; Smart Appliances; SAREF extension investigation".</li>
<li id="[i.2]">[i.2] ETSI TR 103 507 (V1.1.1) (10-2018): "SmartM2M; SAREF extension investigation; Requirements for industry and manufacturing domains".</li>
<li id="[i.3]">[i.3] ETSI TS 103 410-3 (V1.1.2): "SmartM2M; Extension to SAREF; Part 3: Building Domain".</li>
<li id="[i.4]">[i.4] ISO/IEC 11179-6: "Information technology -- Metadata registries (MDR) -- Part 6: Registration".</li>
<li id="[i.5]">[i.5] ISO 29002 (all parts): "Industrial automation systems and integration -- Exchange of characteristic data".</li>
<li id="[i.6]">[i.6] ISO 6532: "Portable chain-saws -- Technical data".</li>
<li id="[i.7]">[i.7] BS EN 10204 (2004): "Metallic products -- Types of inspection documents".</li>
<li id="[i.8]">[i.8] IEC 61512 (all parts): "Batch control".</li>
<li id="[i.9]">[i.9] ISO/IEC 11578:1996: "Information technology -- Open Systems Interconnection -- Remote Procedure Call (RPC)".</li>
<li id="[i.10]">[i.10] Recommendation ITU-T X.667/ISO/IEC 9834-8:2005: "Information technology -- Procedures for the operation of object identifier registration authorities: Generation of universally unique identifiers and their use in object identifiers".</li>
<li id="[i.11]">[i.11] IEC 62264 (all parts): "Enterprise-control system integration".</li>
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