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INMA-1;Machine;What sort of production equipment is used in the factory?
INMA-2;Machine;What type of stamping machine is used in the factory?
INMA-3;Machine;What type of capabilities exist for stamping machines?
INMA-4;Machine;What are the capabilities of the Schafer ABS1200 stamping machine?
INMA-5;Machine;Which configuration parameters does the Schafer ABS1200 have?
INMA-6;Machine;Which units of measure exist for the pressure parameter of the stamping machine?
INMA-7;Machine;What type of sensors exist?
INMA-8;Machine;Which sensors are used in the production process?
INMA-9;Machine;Which actuators are used in the production process?
INMA-10;Machine;Which machine states exist for the Schafer ABS1200 stamping machine?
INMA-11;Machine;What is a machine state composed of?
INMA-12;Machine;What is the actual value of the operational-machine state of the Schafer ABS1200?
INMA-13;Machine;What production batch is the machine working on?
INMA-14;Machine;A production equipment can be composed by sensors and actuators
INMA-15;Machine;Each production equipment can have a method to execute an action
INMA-16;Machine;Each production equipment has a machine information, configuration parameters and status
INMA-17;Machine;Every production equipment needs to be uniquely identifiable
INMA-18;Machine;What are the attributes of the production equipment?
INMA-19;Machine;Every production equipment can be composed of variables
INMA-20;Machine;A variable is a component of the production equipment representing the data of objects, e.g., measurement
INMA-21;Machine;AnalogItemType is a type of variable
INMA-22;Machine;Variables can be defined using properties
INMA-23;Machine;Which are the attributes of a variable?
INMA-24;Machine;A production equipment can contain other production equipment
INMA-25;Machine;A moulding machine has injection units
INMA-26;Machine;Which are the statuses of the injection units?
INMA-27;Machine;Each production batch is identified by a GTIN
INMA-28;Machine;What attributes has a moulding machine?
INMA-29;Machine;What attributes has an injection system?
INMA-30;Machine;What is a batch?
INMA-31;Machine;What types of batches are in a factory?
INMA-32;Machine;What attributes has a production batch?
INMA-33;Material;What kind of incoming material is used in the machine?
INMA-34;Material;Is the incoming material considered to be a batch?
INMA-35;Material;When can data be attributed to incoming material?
INMA-36;Material;Does the data relate to the material as whole?
INMA-37;Product ;Which parts does the product consists of?
INMA-38;Product;When was the product manufactured?
INMA-39;Product;Which machines were involved in manufacturing the product?
INMA-40;Product;A product must have an ID
INMA-41;Product;Products can be distinguished in categories
INMA-42;Product;A shaver is a type of product
INMA-43;Product;What attributes has a shaver?
INMA-44;Product;Any new product requires the assignment of a new GTIN
INMA-45;Product;GTINs can be 8, 12, 13, or 14 digits in length
INMA-46;Product;How is GTIN constructed?
INMA-47;Product;A GTIN may be encoded in EAN/UPC, ITF-14, GS1-128, GS1 DataBar, and GS1 DataMatrix symbols or EPCs
INMA-48;Product;Each product and machine has its correspondents updates and upgrades
INMA-49;Product;A product is divided into the type and the instance
INMA-50;Factory;A process cell is located in a certain area of a factory
INMA-51;Factory;Each area belongs to a site
INMA-52;Factory;A site is located in a factory
INMA-53;Factory;Each area contains process cells
INMA-54;Factory;Each process cell can contain units
INMA-55;Factory;Each unit contains equipment module
INMA-56;Factory;Production equipment are located in the equipment modules
INMA-57;Factory;Equipment modules can contain control modules
INMA-58;Factory;Control modules are equipment in the physical model that can carry out basic control
TEST-1;INMA-58;Factory;ControlModules type Class
TEST-2;INMA-37;Product;Item subClassOf consistsOfItem only Item
TEST-3;INMA-29;Machine;InjectionUnit subClassOf hasManufacturer only string
TEST-4;INMA-18;Machine;ProductionEquipment subClassOf hasIDValue only string
TEST-4;INMA-18;Machine;ProductionEquipment subClassOf belongsToCategory only ProductionEquipmentCategory
TEST-5;INMA-5;Machine;ConfigurationParameters type Class
TEST-6;INMA-41;Product;ItemBatch subclassOf belongsTo only ItemCategory
TEST-10;INMA-48;Product;ProductionEquipmentCategory subClassOf hasVersion max 1 string
TEST-10;INMA-49;Product;ItemCategory subClassOf hasVersion max 1 string
TEST-12;INMA-45;Product;GTIN8ID subClassOf ID
TEST-12;INMA-45;Product;GTIN14ID subClassOf ID
TEST-12;INMA-45;Product;GTIN13ID subClassOf ID
TEST-12;INMA-45;Product;GTIN12ID subClassOf ID
TEST-13;INMA-46;Product;GTIN12ID subClassOf ID
TEST-13;INMA-46;Product;Shaver type Item
TEST-13;INMA-46;Product;GTIN13ID subClassOf ID
TEST-13;INMA-46;Product;GTIN14ID subClassOf ID
TEST-13;INMA-46;Product;GTIN8ID subClassOf ID
TEST-14;INMA-44;Product;Item subClassOf hasIdentifier only ID
TEST-16;INMA-40;Product;Item subClassOf hasIdentifier only ID
TEST-17;INMA-57;Factory;EquipmentModule type Class
TEST-19;INMA-39;Machine;ItemCategory subClassOf isProducedBy only ProductionEquipmentCategory
TEST-19;INMA-39;Machine;ItemBatch subClassOf belongsToCategory only ItemCategory
TEST-21;INMA-33;Material;MaterialBatch type Class
TEST-22;INMA-34;Material;MaterialBatch subclassOf Batch
TEST-23;INMA-32;Machine;Batch subclassOf hasIdentifier only ID
TEST-23;INMA-32;Machine;Batch subclassOf needsEquipment only ProductionEquipment
TEST-23;INMA-32;Machine;Batch subclassOf hasSize max 1 Size
TEST-26;INMA-31;Machine;MaterialBatch subClassOf Batch
TEST-26;INMA-31;Machine;ItemBatch subClassOf Batch
TEST-28;INMA-56;Factory;ProductionEquipment subClassOf PhysicalObject
TEST-29;INMA-30;Machine;Batch type Class
TEST-30;INMA-28;Machine;MouldingMachine subClassOf hasManufacturer only string
TEST-31;INMA-27;Machine;Batch subclassOf hasIdentifier only ID
TEST-32;INMA-26;Machine;InjectionUnit subclassOf hasState only State
TEST-33;INMA-25;Machine;MouldingMachine subclassOf consistsOf some InjectionUnit
TEST-34;INMA-24;Machine;ProductionEquipment subClassOf consistsOf some ProductionEquipment
TEST-35;INMA-22;Machine;Variables subclassOf isDefinedBy some Property
TEST-36;INMA-21;Machine;AnalogItemType type Variable
TEST-37;INMA-20;Machine;Variable type Class
TEST-38;INMA-55;Factory;Unit subclassOf contains some ProductionEquipment
TEST-39;INMA-17;Machine;ProductionEquipment subClassOf hasIDValue only string
TEST-40;INMA-15;Machine;ProductionEquipment subClassOf hasFunction only ProductionEquipmentFunction
TEST-41;INMA-14;Machine;ProductionEquipment subClassOf consistsOf some Sensor
TEST-41;INMA-14;Machine;ProductionEquipment subClassOf consistsOf some Actuator
TEST-42;INMA-13;Machine;Batch subClassOf needsEquipment only ProductionEquipment
TEST-43;INMA-11;Machine;State subClassOf hasTime some timestamp
TEST-44;INMA-16;Machine;ProductionEquipment subClassOf hasState only State
TEST-45;INMA-9;Machine;Actuator type Class
TEST-46;INMA-50;Machine;Factory subClassOf hasSpace some Site
TEST-47;INMA-8;Machine;Sensor type Class
TEST-48;INMA-7;Machine;Sensor type Class
TEST-49;INMA-6;Machine;StampingMachine subClassOf hasConfigurationParameters some UnitOfMEasurement
TEST-50;INMA-3;Machine;StampingMachine subclassOf hasFunction some Function
TEST-51;INMA-2;Machine;StampingMachine type Class
TEST-52;INMA-1;Machine;ProductionEquipment type Class
TEST-53;INMA-10;Machine;MouldingMachine subclassOf hasState only State
TEST-54;INMA-12;Machine;StampingMachine subclassOf hasState only State
TEST-55;INMA-23;Machine;Variable subclassOf hasValue only Value
TEST-56;INMA-35;Material;MaterialBatch subclassOf needsEquipment only ProductionEquipment
TEST-56;INMA-35;Material;MaterialBatch subclassOf Batch
TEST-57;INMA-51;Factory;Area subclassOf hasSpace only Site
TEST-59;INMA-36;Material;MaterialBatch subclassOf isRelatedTo some Item
TEST-59;INMA-36;Material;MaterialBatch subclassOf Batch
TEST-60;INMA-43;Product;Shaver subClassOf hasSupplier only string
TEST-60;INMA-43;Product;Shaver subClassOf hasManufacturer only string
TEST-61;INMA-47;Product;IDtype Class
TEST-62;INMA-52;Factory;Factory subclassOf hasSpace only Site
TEST-63;INMA-53;Factory;Area subClassOf contains only WorkCenter
TEST-64;INMA-38;Product;ItemBatch subClassOf creates only Item
TEST-65;INMA-49;Product;ItemBatch subClassOf creates only Item
TEST-65;INMA-49;Product;ItemBatch subClassOf belongsToCategory only ItemCategory
TEST-66;INMA-4;Machine;StampingMachine subclassOf hasFunction only Function
TEST-67;INMA-19;Product;ProductionEquipment subclassOf consistsOf some Variable
TEST-68;INMA-42;Product;Shaver type Product
TEST-69;INMA-54;Factory;WorkCenter subclassOf consistsOf only ProductionEquipment
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