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Merge branch 'issue-5' into 'develop-v1.1.2'

Issue 5

Closes #5

See merge request SAREF/saref4ener!4
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......@@ -15,6 +15,13 @@
dcterms:title "Example heatingsystem"@en ;
dcterms:description "Example heatingsystem"@en .
time:Instant a owl:Class .
time:DateTimeInterval a owl:Class .
time:inXSDDateTime a owl:DatatypeProperty .
time:hasBeginning a owl:ObjectProperty .
time:hasEnd a owl:ObjectProperty .
time:hasDurationDescription a owl:ObjectProperty .
rdf:type time:Instant ;
rdfs:label "Beginning Power profile-1-HS0001"^^xsd:string ;
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