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Issues in TS 103 673 Clause

parent 7a5f6c01
......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@
vann:preferredNamespaceUri "" ;
owl:versionInfo "v1.1.2" ;
dcterms:created "2015-09-04"^^xsd:date ;
dcterms:creator "<>"^^xsd:string ;
dcterms:creator <> ;
dcterms:description "SAREF4ENER is an extension of SAREF for the Energy domain that was created in collaboration with Energy@Home ( and EEBus (, the major Italy- and Germany-based industry associations, to enable the interconnection of their (different) data models. SAREF4ENER focuses on demand response scenarios, in which customers can offer flexibility to the Smart Grid to manage their smart home devices by means of a Customer Energy Manager (CEM). The CEM is a logical function for optimizing energy consumption and/or production that can reside either in the home gateway or in the cloud. SAREF4ENER is published as an ETSI tecnical specificatoion (ETSI TS 103 410-1)."^^xsd:string ;
dcterms:modified "2016-12-13"^^xsd:date ;
dcterms:title "SAREF4ENER: an extension of SAREF for the energy domain created in collaboration with Energy@Home and EEBus associations"@en ;
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