Commit 1ae1a61e authored by Maxime Lefrançois's avatar Maxime Lefrançois
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Merge branch 'develop-v1.1.2' into 'prerelease-v1.1.2'

Solve issue #5

See merge request SAREF/saref4bldg!6
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......@@ -4230,12 +4230,6 @@ _:genid314 a owl:Restriction ;
owl:onProperty saref:hasTimestamp ;
owl:allValuesFrom xsd:dateTime .
saref:Measurement rdfs:subClassOf _:genid315 .
_:genid315 a owl:Restriction ;
owl:onProperty saref:hasValue ;
owl:qualifiedCardinality "1"^^xsd:nonNegativeInteger ;
owl:onDataRange xsd:float .
saref:Measurement owl:disjointWith saref:Property , saref:UnitOfMeasure ;
rdfs:comment "Represents the measured value made over a property. It is also linked to the unit of measure in which the value is expressed and the timestamp of the measurement."@en ;
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