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<h3>Normative references</h3>

  <li id="[1]">[1] ETSI TS 103 264 (V3.1.1) (02-2020): "SmartM2M; Smart Applications; Reference Ontology and oneM2M Mapping".</li>

<h3>Informative references</h3>

  <li id="[i.1]">[i.1] ETSI TR 103 411 (V1.1.1) (2017-02): "SmartM2M Smart Appliances SAREF extension investigation".</li>
  <li id="[i.2]">[i.2] ETSI TR 103 511 (V1.1.1) (2018-10): "SmartM2M; SAREF extension investigation; Requirements for AgriFood domain".</li>
  <li id="[i.3]">[i.3] ETSI TS 103 410-4 (V1.1.2) (2020-04): "SmartM2M; Extension to SAREF; Part 4: Smart Cities Domain".</li>
  <li id="[i.4]">[i.4] Verhoosel J. and Spek J.: "Applying Ontologies in the Dairy Farming Domain for Big Data Analysis". Proceedings of the 1st Semantic Web Technologies for the Internet of Things (SWIT) 2016 workshop, co-located with 15th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2016), Kobe, Japan, October 2016, pg. 91-100, CEUR.
<br/>NOTE: Available at <a href=""></a>.</li>