Prioritized Labels

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Other Labels

  • Agreed
    SAREF / saref-portal
  • candidate pattern
    the identified feature is a candidate pattern for use in other ontologies
    SAREF / saref-portal
  • clarity issue
    the identified issue makes the ontology misleading, or ambiguous, which may lead to mis-interpretations, and therefore interoperability issues
    SAREF / saref-portal
  • contravenes best practice
    the identified issue contravenes best practices. Adopting best practices encourages the adoption of SAREF
    SAREF / saref-portal
  • lack of homogeneity
    A modelling choice in this SAREF version is different than in some other SAREF version
    SAREF / saref-portal
  • redundancy issue
    Some term or part of the ontology is already described in another SAREF version, potentially differently
    SAREF / saref-portal