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This repository contains the source code of a simulator developped in Omnet++ with the goal of providing a proof of concept and a performance evaluation of the new concept of 
Advanced Semantic Discovery to be contributed to oneM2M. 

This work has been conducted in the STF 589 of SmartM2M : Task 4 : oneM2M Discovery and Query solution(s) simulation and performance evaluation
Documentation about the underlying concepts of the simulator can be found in the STF 589 - Final Draft of TR 103 716 v0.5.0

The current repository contains two folders : 

 -SimulationResults is a well-named folder that contains an extract of the dfferent simulation runs. 

- src contains the source code of the Omnet++ simulator and the different topologies (.NED files). FYI : The development has been conducted with Omnetv5.6.2 

Here is a fast install procedure to run the simulator : 

1-Download and install 
- Omnet++ 
- the src code from the current gitlab repository

2-Start the IDE OMNet++ see the installation guide

3-Create an OMNet++ project 
- Choose "Empty Project with src and simulations folders"
- delete a "package.ned" file that has been generated in the project 
- In the src folder -> Import code file system by selecting the local src folder that contains the gitlab code 

4-Build your project 
- click right on the package -> Build Project 

5-Run a simulation 
- click right on the package 
- choose the src/omnetpp.ini as configuration file 
- you are now able to run multiple simulations with different topologies namely (SmallNetwok, bigNetwork, BigNetwork mult runs, LargeNetwork...)

Enjoy ! 
The STF589 teams