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# Distributed Semantic Resource Directory
This directory contains the following files:
* [Synthetic Semantic Descriptor Generator]( that contains a software tool to generate synthetic semantic descriptors and distribute them accross CSEs. The generated data can be loaded into any triple store that will have as many CSE as named graphs, entailing that the triple store will allow querying CSE individually (limiting the queries to one named graph) or to multiple CSEs.
* [STF experiments material]( that contains the scripts and results obtained for the experiments carried during the the STF
* [Sample dataset]( that contains a sample dataset generated with the [Synthetic Semantic Descriptor Generator](, which was used during the experiments of the STF.
In order to perform the different experiments, a regular triple store supporting named graphs is required. The experiments carried out during the STF relyed on a [GraphDB]( but any other can be used as far as it supports named graphs.
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