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......@@ -39,4 +39,9 @@ A sample instantiation of this configuration file can be the following:
"deviceToBuilding" : 0.9,
"output" : "SD-dataset.nq"
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### Testing the generated data
After generating a sample dataset, load the dataset into a triple store that supports named graphs. Each CSE is automatically asigned to a named graph by the syntetic semantic descriptor generator. After loading the dataset, CSEs can be queried individually by limiting the query to a specific named graph (i.e., CSE), or CSE can be queried by groups issuing the query to several named graphs.
To ease the testing, in the current directory the file []() contains a set of queries that must return results for the generated synthetic data. The queries can be directly pasted into a SPARQL interface or sent through a REST API, depending on the triple store implementation.
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