SMTP Rake tasks (FREE SELF)

Introduced in GitLab 14.2.

The following are SMTP-related Rake tasks.


GitLab can use SMTP configuration secrets to read from an encrypted file. The following Rake tasks are provided for updating the contents of the encrypted file.

Show secret

Show the contents of the current SMTP secrets.

Omnibus Installation

sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:smtp:secret:show

Source Installation

bundle exec rake gitlab:smtp:secret:show RAILS_ENV=production

Example output:

password: '123'
user_name: 'gitlab-inst'

Edit secret

Opens the secret contents in your editor, and writes the resulting content to the encrypted secret file when you exit.

Omnibus Installation

sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:smtp:secret:edit EDITOR=vim

Source Installation

bundle exec rake gitlab:smtp:secret:edit RAILS_ENV=production EDITOR=vim

Write raw secret

Write new secret content by providing it on STDIN.

Omnibus Installation

echo -e "password: '123'" | sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:smtp:secret:write

Source Installation

echo -e "password: '123'" | bundle exec rake gitlab:smtp:secret:write RAILS_ENV=production

Secrets examples

Editor example

The write task can be used in cases where the edit command does not work with your editor:

# Write the existing secret to a plaintext file
sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:smtp:secret:show > smtp.yaml
# Edit the smtp file in your editor
# Re-encrypt the file
cat smtp.yaml | sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:smtp:secret:write
# Remove the plaintext file
rm smtp.yaml

KMS integration example

It can also be used as a receiving application for content encrypted with a KMS:

gcloud kms decrypt --key my-key --keyring my-test-kms --plaintext-file=- --ciphertext-file=my-file --location=us-west1 | sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:smtp:secret:write

Google Cloud secret integration example

It can also be used as a receiving application for secrets out of Google Cloud:

gcloud secrets versions access latest --secret="my-test-secret" > $1 | sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:smtp:secret:write