Commit d1da74f4 authored by carignani's avatar carignani
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set tosca version to 1.3

parent c067c9d5
......@@ -15,8 +15,8 @@ from docx.text.paragraph import Paragraph
from example import generate_examples_between
BASE_FILENAME = "etsi_nfv_sol001_{}_{}_types.yaml"
TOSCA_VERSION = "tosca_simple_yaml_1_2"
DEFAULT_TOSCA_VERSION = "tosca_simple_yaml_1_2"
TOSCA_VERSION = "tosca_simple_yaml_1_3"
DEFAULT_TOSCA_VERSION = "tosca_simple_yaml_1_3"
SPEC_VERSION = "v2.6.1"
allowed_versions = ["v2.6.1", "v2.6.3", "v2.7.1", "v2.8.1", "v3.3.1"]
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