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- [Management](#Management)
- [Objectives](#objectives)
- [Interactions](#Interactions-between-the-sub-projects)
# Management
*This repository is part of the outcomes of the Specialist Task Force 620 focusing on the authoring of a World Representation as part of the ETSI ISG Augmented Reality Framework architecture (*
*The set of the World Representation authoring components includes:*
Admin area for World Storage API Helpers
*• The C++ and C# source code for servers and clients generated from OpenAPI available here (*
# Objectives
*• A Unity plugin and a Unity editor for authoring and accessing a World Representation hosted on a World Storage server.*
This repository and all its sub-repos are dedicated to the development of libraries and modules for the ARF STF 620 project. The main purpose of STF 620 is (a) the creation of C++ and C# libs for the World Storage (as described by the ARF OpenAPI, see Gitforge), (b) the implementation of various wrappers and servers/clients and finally the validation of the World Storage system with a simple authoring application in Unity including main functions and a simple GUI concept (c).
*All these components are available under the ETSI Labs group “World Storage API Helpers”:*
# Interactions between the sub projects
TODO: overview diagram
## Generation of librairies (a)
This repository is the Admin management repo of the other ones dedicated to the development of the various ARF STF 620 modules.
## Generation of servers/clients (b)
# Interactions between the sub projects
TODO: overview diagram
## Validation application in Unity (c)
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